Traditional recipes in Valdarno and Chianti Aretino

During a holiday in Tuscany at Villa Le Facezie you can taste many delicious traditional recipes. There are many products known in Italy and worldwide, such as olive oil, hams and salamis, cantucci, ribollita, acquacotta, caciucco.
Moreover the Valdarno and the Chianti Aretino will amaze you with authentic flavors and recipes, perhaps less famous, but delicious as well!

bistecca toscana

Among all the dishes of Tuscany, the Chianina steak is certainly renowned for the genuineness of the meat produced in traditional farms. Known worldwide as bistecca alla fiorentina (Florentine steak or Tbone steak), it provides interesting variations depending on the area. In the Valdarno you can taste the bistecca di Chianina con l’acciugata ( steak with anchovy). The anchovy sauce is typical of the area. It is made with anchovies and capers ground and mixed with extra virgin olive oil.

crostini fegatini toscani

Tuscan cuisine stands out for its rustic and peasant flavors including a wide use of entrails, such as pork livers in a pan, seasoned with wild herbs, salt and pepper. The chicken liver, on the other hand, is mixed  together with veal, anchovies, celery and carrots to prepare a delicious sauce to spread on the bread. These are the Crostini Neri, typical of Arezzo.


To taste something unique, try the Valdarno chicken in porchetta. This variety of chicken with black feathers, impossible to find elsewhere, has a delicious and light meat. With a long baking, a mince of wild fennel, garlic , white pepper and a sprinkle of extra virgin olive oil, you will get a dish of appetizing meat. Others unique tuscany dishs is arrosto girato o girarrosto, one skewer made with different types of meat, cooked on the grill, and pappa al pomodoro, a tomato soup made with poor ingredients: stale tuscan bread, tomato and basil.


When it comes to dessert try cantucci di Prato, still produced today since 1867 in the patisserie that have the ancient recipe. You have to try also schiacciata alla Fiorentina, ciambelline al Vinsanto and Panbriacone of the famous bakerdel Gabriele Bonci.

An irresistible delight!