Traditional recipes in Valdarno and Chianti Aretino

During a holiday in Tuscany at Villa Le Facezie you can taste many delicious traditional recipes. There are many products known in Italy and worldwide, such as olive oil, hams and salamis, cantucci, ribollita, acquacotta, caciucco.
Moreover the Valdarno and the Chianti Aretino will amaze you with authentic flavors and recipes, perhaps less famous, but delicious as well!

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Discovering Valdarno and Chianti Wines

vini del chianti

The Chianti wines, renowned all around the world, are the symbol of Tuscan excellence. However the territory dedicated to the vines is much larger and has ancient origins. In fact, wine is produced throughout Tuscany from the Etruscans age and the Valdarno area is an example. The entire province of Arezzo has always been dedicated to the cultivation of grapes and to the production of excellent wines that today are awarded with quality certificates.

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5 things to do in Chianti region, Tuscany

For a holiday in the Chianti region, Tuscany, you can choose the amazing  Villa Le Facezie B&B. The Villa is not in the common tourist destinations, so is perfect for a wonderful relaxing holiday in the green of Tuscany. Also, its strategic position halfway between Florence and Arezzo, in the town of Terranuova Bracciolini, allows you to visit these beautiful cities rich in history, museums and art, and explore the whole area with maximum comfort.

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